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Pop Songs for two guitars or more… Follow this link publications and choose the scores : La Bamba, No milk today, Sealed with a kiss, Yesterday, Let it be. Enjoy playing these nice songs with your students, have fun ! Read more →

Tribute M. Ohana

Upcoming performance : Tribute Maurice Ohana, french composer. Guitar, Flûte, Oboe, Harpsichord and Percussions. Instrumentals, digital music, large screen pictures, a huge event… 19th February – 20:30 – France Read more →


 ~~~~~  HAPPY NEW YEAR  ~~~~~    ~~~~~   Best Wishes 2016   ~~~~~   All the best throughout the world Read more →

Voice and Guitar

Here is my last work for voice and guitar edited by in Switzerland. Four Melodies composed by Vincenzo Bellini (Bel canto style) and adapted for voice and guitar. Read more →

Abacus – C.Mourey

Learning a new piece is really challenging – Sharing an original musical vision is amazing. Abacus, a new masterpiece composed in 2015 requires a specific ability to observe musical phrases and Read more →

Happy days !

Music school is closed for summer time. Current programmes aimed at increasing the number of students. My city close to Paris has a political will : welcoming any people having a genuine desire to play an instrument and learn music Read more →

Sevilla – Spain

Sevilla – Beautiful city with nice well-dressed young women and great history. Feria was roaring when we were there. Outstanding if you like Flamenco! I remember the poem of Garcia Lorca « A las cinco de la tarde… »  Read more →


A warm welcome to our guests visiting the new website. We are pleased to meet you. Feel free to visit and share your feedback (contact). Read more →